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Instantly Inform Employees with our Desktop Ticker Tape Software

Imagine the scrolling text bars at the bottom of news broadcasts, always catching your eye. Now, envision using a similar tool on PCs across your organization to grab attention and efficiently inform employees about important, time-sensitive matters. Meet our Desktop Ticker.

About our Desktop Ticker

Our Desktop Ticker Tape Software is an application that displays continuously updating information in a scrolling format at the bottom of a user’s PC screen – whether it’s a Windows or Mac PC. This small, ever-present interface provides users with timely updates and information. New messages can be continuously added, ensuring users are always in the loop. The ticker remains visible, offering a constant stream of information.

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Small tool, big impact

Despite occupying just up to 3% of the screen, our Desktop Ticker Tape Software makes a significant impact on employee communication. Unlike traditional emails or newsletters, the ticker ensures essential information is instantly visible without interrupting workflows. This subtle yet powerful tool keeps everyone informed with urgent updates, interesting messages, and everything in-between, enhancing awareness and engagement across your team. Its most important benefits are:

  • High visibility: The Desktop Ticker appears on top of all applications, whether employees are using Outlook, Teams, or any other application. It’s always visible, displaying brief messages continuously. This makes it impossible for employees to miss a message and allows them to quickly scan and absorb information.
  • Instant attention: Thanks to its high visibility, our Desktop Ticker captures every employee’s attention instantly. It ensures important messages are noticed promptly, effectively cutting through the noise.
  • Effective targeting: With extensive targeting capabilities, our Desktop Ticker can help you reach the entire desk workforce or specific audiences effectively.
  • Low disruption: Unlike emails or pop-ups, our ticker captures attention without interrupting daily workflows. It keeps employees informed while they continue working.
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Use cases for Desktop Ticker Tape Software

The Desktop Ticker Tape Software is a versatile tool for modern employee communication. Its primary advantage lies in its ability to deliver urgent and important messages in real time, ensuring that time-sensitive information is seen immediately without disrupting workflows. This makes it ideal for various communication needs within an organization. Here are some key use cases where this tool can be particularly beneficial:

  • Compliance communications: Keep employees informed about compliance deadlines, policy updates, and important regulatory changes, ensuring that all staff know the latest requirements and standards to maintain adherence.
  • IT communication: Notify staff about IT issues, scheduled maintenance, critical system updates, and other IT-related announcements to ensure minimal disruption and maintain smooth operational workflows.
  • Marketing and sales updates: Keep your sales and marketing teams informed with real-time updates on campaign performance, new product launches, promotional offers, and competitive intelligence.
  • Human resources announcements: Share important HR-related information such as upcoming training sessions, wellness programs, policy updates, employee recognition, and other initiatives to enhance workplace engagement and morale.
  • Operational communications: Update teams on procedural changes, maintenance schedules, shifts in schedules, and other operational matters to ensure that everyone is on the same page and operations run efficiently.

Let’s instantly inform employees

Ready to instantly inform your employees? Request a free demo of our Desktop Ticker Tape Software today and see how it can help you grab your employee’s attention.

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