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How to alert staff in 6 easy steps

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When unexpected events like a fire, severe weather or flood occur, organizations scramble to alert staff. Most alerts need to be activated from one particular spot. But what if you’re not behind your desk or even nearby when disaster strikes? The answer is probably in your purse or pocket right now: your own mobile device.

The other day, one of our customers was telling me about a tornado warning in their area. It started off as a strong gust of wind, but slowly picked up and became much more threatening than anticipated. Because it was early in the morning, department heads were calling each other back and forth to determine what would be the fastest and most effective way to let their staff know not to come into the office. An email would surely not be seen by all and giving 1500 employees a call was simply not an option. Luckily, there’s an alternative…


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An alarm button at your fingertips

By powering up your cell phone or tablet with the Netpresenter app, you can effortlessly trigger alerts directly from your mobile device. So, how does it work?

In my opinion, it’s as easy as writing and sending a text message. Just open the app and hit activate alert at bottom of the message overview. Then, you can select the proper scenario from a list of premade scenarios. These ready-made scenarios make it incredibly easy to react instantly after a hazardous event occurs. Simply push the right scenario button and that’s it.

If these scenarios don’t fit your specific situation, you can create your own custom alert in seconds. Just add a title, a few simple instructions, maybe even a picture and you’re ready to go.

After selecting or creating the proper scenario, you can select your audience. The fact that you can target your alert to a specific audience, is a real asset to me. Because if something is going on at your Orlando office, the last thing you want to do is to needlessly alert staff, like your Memphis workers and vice versa.

Lastly, you just simply activate the alert.

The result

All connected mobile devices, I’m talking cell phones, tablets, you name it, on which the Netpresenter app is installed, will receive a véry noticeable push notification. When you click on this notification, the full message will appear, including a nifty acknowledgement button which allows you to track down exactly who has seen your alert. You can even request employees to respond to confirm they are OK.

When employees click on the acknowledgement button, their data is gathered in a CMS, giving you a complete overview of the recipients and the devices they are using, as well as the time and date of acknowledgement.

Want to find out for yourself just how much of a lifesaver an alarm button at your fingertips can be? Schedule a free demo today! Or download the free infographic the power of push notifications.

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