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Best Corporate Lock Screen ideas for Employee Communication

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As companies continue to embrace remote work and hybrid work models, the need for effective employee communication has never been more important. One often-overlooked tool for employee communication is the lock screen on company devices. Here are some of the best Corporate Lock Screen ideas for employee communication.

1. Important announcements

Displaying significant announcements or business news on the lock screen is one of the simplest and most efficient methods to use for employee communication. This could include things like corporate-wide campaigns or targeted messages like KPIs or sales numbers. Employees will see these messages on the lock screen each time they log into their desktop or laptop, making sure that the message is noticed and not forgotten.

Corporate lock screen important announcement about sales numbers

2. Policy reminders

Many businesses have policies in place to make sure that employees abide by requirements and ethical standards. Reminders regarding these rules, such as the requirement to always wear your ID badge, can be displayed on the lock screen. Reminders that appear on the lock screen are a useful way to ensure that employees remember the policy even when they are preoccupied or distracted.

Corporate lock screen policy reminder wear your ID badge

3. Motivational messages

Displaying inspirational words on the lock screen is another fantastic usage for it. This could include quotes from company leaders, messages of encouragement from your CEO during challenging times, or reminders of the company objectives. Employees will be reminded of the company’s mission and vision every time they use their devices.

Corporate lock screen motivational message from CEO

4. Employee recognition

One effective strategy to raise employee morale and foster a healthy work atmosphere is to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments. If an employee achieves a goal in sales or completes a particularly difficult project, congratulations messages can be displayed on the lock screen. In addition to giving the employee a sense of importance and appreciation, this also inspires others to pursue excellence.

Corporate lock screen employee recognition thank you for your hard work

5. Safety reminders

In some professions, safety comes first. To make sure that employees are always informed of the most recent safety precautions, safety regulations, and reminders can be displayed on the lock screen. This could consist of things like suggestions on how to keep safe in specific environments or emergency circumstances, or reminders to wear personal protective equipment.

Lock screen safety reminder what to do when

6. Training and development

The lock screen can be used to promote training and development opportunities within the company. This might consist of notifications of upcoming training sessions or links to training materials. Companies can support employees with their everyday tasks and help them enhance their abilities by encouraging training and development, which is advantageous for both the employee and the company.

Corporate lock screen training about new course

7. Cybersecurity awareness tips

As more employees work remotely or use personal devices for work, cybersecurity is a major concern for companies. The lock screen can be used to display tips about cybersecurity, such as using strong passwords, avoid clicking suspicious links and opening attachments, and keeping software and antivirus programs up to date. Organizations can assist staff members in safeguarding confidential information and preventing security breaches by promoting cybersecurity awareness on the lock screen.


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corporate lock screen cybersecurity awareness tips

8. Employee wellbeing initiatives

Employee wellbeing and healthcare are becoming increasingly important considerations for companies. The lock screen can be used to promote wellness and self-care initiatives, such as links to meditation or mindfulness apps, reminders to take breaks and stretch during the workday, or resources for mental health support. Companies can support employees by highlighting these programs on the lock screen and encouraging them to put their health and well-being first.

Corporate lock screen employee wellness initiatives yoga session during break

9. Healthy habits

For the sake of efficiency and fostering a nice work atmosphere, it is crucial to promote healthy habits among employees. Reminders regarding good behaviors, including drinking plenty of water, taking regular breaks, getting up and moving around, or washing your hands, can be displayed on the lock screen.

Corporate lock screen healthy habits wash your hands

10. Upcoming events

Creating a sense of community within a company can be a challenge, especially when employees are working remotely or in different locations. Initiatives for social and community participation, such as online gatherings, team-building exercises, or volunteer opportunities, can be promoted via the lock screen. Employees will be reminded of the importance of staying connected to their colleagues and contributing to the community.

Corporate lock screen upcoming events

Have we caught your interest with these Corporate Lock Screen ideas? Please contact us to discuss what a Corporate Lock Screen could look like for your company. Request a free demo, and we will be happy to help you unlock the world of the Corporate Lock Screen. Or download the free guide to find the right communication tools to reach your employees.

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