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9 Benefits of a Corporate Wallpaper

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Do you know which image is considered the most viewed image of all time? Bliss Hill, the default wallpaper of Windows XP, features a serene landscape of rolling, vivid green hills, a bright blue sky, and fluffy white clouds. Bliss Hill is considered the most viewed image for a reason: people see their wallpaper multiple times a day and countless times a week, which makes a wallpaper a super effective communication channel! These are 8 benefits of a Corporate Wallpaper for your organization.

1. Maximize your reach

Our Corporate Wallpaper maximizes your messages’ reach. It can be installed on every computer in your organization and will always appear on your employees’ desktops. Your message won’t end up in an overflowing inbox and buried beneath other emails; your employees don’t have to search for it on the intranet: it will just appear on their Wallpaper automatically. Amazing!

2. Reach staff wherever they are

A Corporate Wallpaper can be installed on any laptop in your organization. That means that when your employees work remotely or from home and take their laptops with them, you can still reach them like you would when they are inside your office buildings. In the same city or on the other side of the planet – news will reach them through their wallpaper.


3. Reduce email overload

Many companies still use email to share important updates and company news. Ever wondered why your staff doesn’t know about your updates? Research states that 2 in 3 employees ignore your emails and never read them. Our Corporate Wallpaper completely bypasses email to deliver the message, so you can be sure it doesn’t end up in an already overloaded inbox! That’s great because you would be making one out of two employees happier in their job by reducing emails at work.

4. High message repetition

Messages are most effective when they’re reinforced and repeated several times. As employees see our Corporate Wallpaper multiple times a day, they also see your messages several times a day – which helps fight the forgetting curve that shows 90 percent of what we learn is forgotten within 30 days. Repeating your messages means employees genuinely read, understand, and remember what they have read.

5. Save money on hardware

We love money-saving measures, and our Wallpaper is definitely one of them: to put it to work, you don’t have to spend money on new, expensive hardware. It runs on the hardware you already own and can be installed on every PC screen in your organization to reach your staff with the latest company news.

6. Inform immediately

Messages are published within moments and appear on all Wallpapers almost instantly after publication. Your staff no longer must wait for a weekly newsletter; instead, they get their news in near real-time. The result: your news is always relevant and up to date.

7. Communicate without distracting

A popup notification disrupts the workflow of your employees every time they receive an email. It then takes them 23 minutes (!) to focus on their work again. With the Corporate Wallpaper, you bring news to your employees without distracting them. When they close the windows on their PC, they get a glimpse of the Wallpaper that will draw their attention only when they close the windows they were working with. This way, you keep them up to date without disrupting their workflow.

8. Direct message delivery

Our corporate wallpaper turns your staff’s wallpapers into powerful communication tools that bring your messages directly to your employees, without interrupting them from their tasks and without a detour. Your staff no longer has to search for the information, as the information finds them where they are – behind their desk, working on their computers.

9. Boost internal branding

Photos of pets, children, hobbies, holiday photos; employees set up all kinds of images as their wallpaper. It may look nice and remind them of things they like, but not very professional. Our Corporate Wallpaper ensures that everyone has the same wallpaper with company news. Employees aren’t always up to date; you can also design the slides to match your organization’s corporate identity, which helps you boost your internal branding and creates a familiar experience for everyone.

Do you think a Corporate Wallpaper could be the ideal communication channel for your organization? Get in touch with our consultants; they are happy to show you everything Netpresenter has to offer in a free 30-minute demo. Or download the free guide to find the right communication tools to reach your employees.

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