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10 Reasons to Consider Moving to the Netpresenter Content Hub

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The Message Server has consistently been, and continues to be, a reliable platform for organizations worldwide. However, as innovative pioneers, we recently launched the Netpresenter Content Hub – a state-of-the-art platform designed for both employee and emergency communication. Essentially, it’s the Message Server, Media Server, and Alert Server combined, but supercharged.

While it’s not mandatory to move from the Message Server to the Content Hub, we’d like to present ten reasons why making the move could be beneficial for your organization:

1. More features

The Netpresenter Content Hub offers a broader range of features than the Message Server. Amongst others, it provides:

  • Polls and pulse surveys for feedback gathering and sentiment monitoring
  • Smart campaigns to improve knowledge retention
  • An AI assistant for efficient content creation
  • Attention boosters to highlight content when needed

Moreover, it’s constantly evolving, promising even more features in the future.

Campaigns Dashboard

2. Articles

The Netpresenter Content Hub facilitates the creation of articles, establishing a single source of information. Articles are perfect for sharing in-depth information effectively, including features like attachments, images, acknowledgments, and more. With targeting capabilities, you can ensure that the information reaches the appropriate audience. Additionally, the Content Hub offers comprehensive statistics dashboards to monitor the performance of your articles.

These articles can be displayed on the newly introduced Employee App, accessible on both mobile and desktop. For enhanced exposure, articles can be promoted through slides on screensavers and digital signage. Utilizing automatically generated QR codes and calls to action, employees can even be encouraged to engage with the full article.

employee communication platform - article overview

3. Desktop App

While the Message Server was limited to a mobile version of the Employee App, the Netpresenter Content Hub also offers a Desktop App. The Desktop App’s key advantage is the increased interaction it enables with users on PCs.

Amongst others, it exclusively provides features such as:

  • A smart homepage displaying (highlighted or action-requiring) content, alerts, and more
  • Pulse surveys, polls, and interactive elements for sentiment monitoring and feedback gathering
  • A search function to easily navigate through the Content Hub’s content
  • An employee directory with user profiles, helping to monitor individual activities
  • Shortcuts to frequently used applications like an employee portal, simplifying access for all users
  • And more

4. Expanded statistics

The Netpresenter Content Hub offers an expanded range of statistics, covering various aspects such as:

  • Opens, clicks, reads, and readers
  • Impressions and click-through rates
  • Acknowledgments, comments, and reactions
  • And more.

All these insights are displayed in user-friendly dashboards, enabling you to effectively measure the success and impact of your employee communication efforts. This facilitates data-driven decision-making and the optimization of your strategies based on facts.

06 Statistics Screenshot

5. Built-in automations

With the Netpresenter Content Hub, integrating with SharePoint and other (Microsoft) tools is effortless. Automations are built into a single platform, eliminating the need for a separate application like the Media Server. This streamlined integration simplifies the process of extracting and publishing content from other platforms on Netpresenter.

6. More template options

In response to regular requests from Message Server users, the Netpresenter Content Hub provides a broader range of template options and greater flexibility. Whereas the Message Server limited users to just a title and body text field, the Content Hub allows templates that feature multiple body text fields. This offers significantly more flexibility for effectively presenting information, as shown in the example below.

7. Quicker alerting

The Netpresenter Content Hub integrates Employee and Emergency Communications into a single system, streamlining the response process during emergencies. This improvement significantly improves delivery times, contributing to everyone’s safety, particularly in situations where every second counts.
Moreover, the Content Hub encompasses all the beneficial features of the Alert Server, including pre-created alert scenarios, colors, icons, priority levels, acknowledgments, and SMS notifications.

8. Modern user interface

Although the Message Server functions adequately, the Netpresenter Content Hub features a modern user interface that significantly enhances the user experience. A tool from 2010 simply can’t compare to the usability and looks of a 2024 platform. Using the Content Hub is not only more intuitive but also provides a more enjoyable experience. 😊

employee communication platform - slides

9. Future-ready and ever-evolving

While the Message Server gets functional updates annually, the Netpresenter Content Hub is built to be future-proof. It’s developed to integrate new tools and features, quickly adapting to innovations such as AI.

Consequently, the Content Hub is frequently updated with enhancements, features, and more, which you can explore on our What’s New page.

10. Same costs, future-proof platform

If you’re using a cloud-based installation of the Message Server, switching to the Netpresenter Content Hub typically won’t raise your costs. This means you’ll gain access to a constantly evolving, brand-new platform without additional expense.

When transitioning from the on-premises platform to cloud-based operations a fee for data usage is applicable. Please contact your account manager or use the contact form here to discuss the details.

The transitioning process

We understand that transitioning to a new system might be a concern. It requires some effort, but the benefits outweigh the efforts by far. Additionally, we are committed to facilitating a seamless transition:

  • Our support engineers will ensure a smooth and hiccup-free transition without extra charges
  • The user-friendly interface of the Content Hub minimizes the learning curve. If training is desired, we’re ready to assist with personalized training or through our training materials. 
  • We will keep your Message Server environment active during the switch. This allows you to transfer only the most relevant and recent data to your new Content Hub, enabling a clean start on the new platform.

Let’s talk!

Embracing the Netpresenter Content Hub opens the door to a platform full of new features, interaction possibilities, and lots more to take your employee and emergency communication to the next level.

Are you thinking about making the move to Content Hub? Let’s have a chat!

Joey Pernot

Joey is Netpresenter’s Content Manager. His passion is to inspire and educate through engaging and creative content. Joey loves to spend time with friends and travel the world.