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A Guideline to Great Content for Your Digital Signage Channels: Part 2

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Remember we told you that finding the right hardware is not necessarily the hardest part of setting up digital signage (and you got a bit nervous when you found out)? Remember us promising to assist you in deciding where to best publish the most relevant content, introducing COPE and CARE? And remember you rushing to identify target groups in your organization? If not, read our blog to catch up. All up to speed? Excellent!

On to the next question:

What do you want to achieve with your digital signage content?

If you’re setting up digital signage, you’re not just doing it to make your office look cool (though it definitely will!). Think of what you want to accomplish with your messages. To start, we have identified the four main intentions why organisations share content with their staff. To make it easy on you, we came up with a fitting acronym: TEAM.


As we’ve written before: employee training is the cornerstone of effective management. However, studies show that people will forget about 90 percent of what they’ve learned within a month. That is, if the information isn’t brought to their attention repeatedly upon completion of the training. The solution to this: digital signage!


Sometimes, your entire staff will benefit from the same training. For example, cybersecurity training is relevant to everyone in your organization. With digital signage, you can repeatedly show chunks of your employees’ training through your Corporate Channel to make sure they remember the things they’ve been taught.


The same applies to your CARE channels. Use digital signage to constantly share bits of department-specific training to the attention of your workers. For example, new safety regulations for your local factory hall.


Enlighten (or inform):

There’s information that’s relevant to your entire staff and there’s information that’s only relevant to certain departments or even people at your organization. Make sure you don’t distract employees with information they don’t need. Here are some ideas on separating your COPE from your CARE:


This is the information you share with all your employees using your Corporate Channel. This is need-to-know information for your entire staff like company internal news, reminders and announcements. In the unforeseen case your systems are down, for example, this is the channel to inform all your staff through.


Employees with different daily tasks won’t necessarily need the same information. Try to think of what’s relevant to either someone in marketing, for example, or someone in the factory hall. We’re talking changed regulations for certain divisions, procedure updates, important deadlines, branch office news or special visitors.


To make your employees’ lives a bit easier every day, you can use your content to assist them with their daily tasks.


To help your staff find important information, redirect them to further information on (for example) SharePoint by showing them where to find the info. Summarize your messages using bullet points so your employees know what the info is about. Then tell them where they can go for further information. This way, your employees aren’t all over the place searching for important news.


Show things your staff needs to remember, like a calendar to highlight important dates, events or meetings. If your employees won’t have to remember small things themselves, they’ll be able to focus on the important stuff: their daily tasks. Publish traffic updates to make your employees’ days more productive – they’ll be able to choose to leave the office now or do some more work until there are no more traffic jams.

screensaver train employees


At this time of year, most of us aren’t dreaming of working hard – we’re dreaming of a white Christmas. So, a little motivation on a grey Monday morning never hurt anyone!


Trying to motivate all your employees? Connect Power BI to your screens to show a KPI dashboard (you can do this with Netpresenter!). Show news mentions, company milestones, client satisfaction ratings, company targets, inspirational quotes or competitors’ social media accounts; these are all great motivators.


Highlight office achievements, employee achievements or small victories. Publish things happening on site that day: someone’s birthday (you can plan these ahead, so no-one’ll be forgotten!) or work anniversary. Studies show gamification is also a great way to engage and motivate your employees.

Next time you’re creating content for your digital signage, think of TEAM. In the meantime, stay tuned for the last part of our guideline, next week!

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