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Gamification: What’s your next move to engage employees?

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According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report, a staggering 70 percent of United States workers is not engaged at work. In the search for a solution, organizations across industries are turning to gamification. By introducing game elements in the workplace, you cannot only enhance performance and boost productivity, but also increase employee satisfaction tremendously. Netpresenter helps you to keep your staff’s eyes on the prize by displaying announcements, results and goals on digital signage screensdesktop screensavers and even a mobile app.  

Disengagement can cost your business buckets of money and waste a lot of valuable time and energy. Recently, enterprises started to uncover the positive effect that games can have on their staff’s engagement. According to a study by the Entertainment Software Association 70 percent of major employers are now ‘gamified’.

Let’s play

Canon, for example, makes its repair techies learn their trade by dragging and dropping parts into place on a virtual copier, while Japanese automaker Lexus safety tests vehicles in the world’s most sophisticated driving simulator. However, to gamify your organization, you don’t necessarily need a pricey simulator or top-of-the line video game. You can already create a healthy dose of employee rivalry by introducing simple incentives. Several of our industrial clients implement gamification by displaying KPIs on digital signage screens in their factory halls, making their workers more inclined to hit their goals.

Safety Stars

Healthcare client, VCU Health System, launched an initiative called ‘Safety Stars’ to promote employee performance at their medical center. “Each month, we publish about three or four stories on our screensaver about so-called ‘Safety Stars’, employees that really have gone above and beyond to promote safety or that have caught an error and have prevented it from happening again”, says Jenifer Murphy, Safety First Coordinator at VCU’s Performance Improvement Department. “Through Netpresenter driven screensavers, we are successfully creating a work environment that is more safety aware by rewarding original initiatives in the field of safety and error prevention.”

Support Champ

Even at our very own Netpresenter we use gamification to keep our support team on their toes. Every day members of our helpdesk compete to become the ‘support champ’. The team member who settles support tickets the fastest, handles the most cases and who is rated most efficient by our customers will be displayed periodically on our desktop screensaver and several digital signage screens throughout our office, as well as on our corporate app, making sure the motivation to provide top-notch service stays alive.

Need some help getting your organization ‘gamified’? Contact one of our experts. Or download the free self assessment to measure the levels of engagement in your organization.

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