How it Works

Use our All-in-one Enterprise Communication Toolbox to easily get your message across to every employee. In five simple steps, you’re able to effectively reach everyone in your organization. See how it works:



Create, manage and publish your messages and alerts with the help of our user-friendly content management system – or use your mobile phone to add new content on the fly.

Automatically integrate with internal and external data sources. Extract automated content and ensure continuous up-to-date information – no more manual input required!

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Pick the content you want to publish. Inform employees about the latest company news or send out and alert in case of an emergency.

Easily connect with other platforms using (REST) API and automatically display dynamic (real-time) content. Integrate with your existing SharePoint, database or Social Media accounts to create engaging content.



Choose our secure and reliable cloud or on-premise solution to distribute your content to every connected screen or device.

Use your own private cloud / server environment or Netpresenter’s hosted solution – both give you the ability to scale quickly.

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Display messages, alerts and other content on every screen within your organization – PC (Corporate Screensaver), TV (Digital Signage) and Mobile Devices (News & Alert App).

Mix and match any of our communication tools to suit your specific communication needs. Reach your employees, wherever they are and ensure your message is seen by all!

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Encourage social interaction at the workplace. Allow employees to give their opinion and let them interact with colleagues by sharing, liking and commenting on corporate messages.

Start conversations, gather feedback and share important knowledge. Even let your employees create and publish their own messages via their mobile device – in or outside corporate walls.

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