GIF it up! Get more out of your Corporate Messages with Animated Images

GIF your corporate messages up! The wait is over, now you can finally make your corporate content more fun! The new Netpresenter’s Message Server 15 supports GIFs to enrich your corporate content. Now, you might think: “Great feature Netpresenter, but how can my organization benefit from these animated images?” Well, you’re about to find out.

And the winner is…

But, first things first. Before we enlighten you with all the benefits of this jolly new feature, we first like to share a bit of history with you. GIF is invented in 1987 by Steve Wilhite, an engineer at CompuServe. He even won a Lifetime Achievement Webby for it. GIF stands for graphics interchange format, a file format which supports both static and animated images. They‘re quick, soundless, short videos which keep on playing in a loop. The feature got worldwide fame when MySpace (no you’re not old if you remember this) introduced the use of GIFs in messages. Especially the dancing banana was spot on.

Use GIF in your Corporate Content

Greatest GIFt of all

Moving images are increasingly making moves, literally and figuratively. Of course, they’re nice and fun to add to your social media posts or WhatsApp messages. But, they can actually also be of value to your company. Here are 6 reasons why you should add GIF to your corporate messages:

    1. Reinforcement
      An image reinforces the story you want to tell. An animated image does that even more. Therefore, your public immediately knows the feeling you want to express.
    2. Stand out
      Of course, you can add a picture to your article, message or social media post, but an animated one, stands out more. Also, Google and social media algorithms love videos. Therefore, if you use them, you will receive more views and get ranked higher, if you give them a proper description of course.
    3. Visualize data
      With a GIF you can visualize data with ease. You can, for example, show how your company is performing, how your employees are performing and who is performing best in an infographic. Add some extra fun elements, by making the winner ‘champ of the month’ by displaying a trophy GIF with his name on it. Etc, etc.
      Add GIF to your Corporate Content
    4. Promotion
      GIFs are a fun way to promote a product or a service of your company.
    5. Sharing is caring
      We all know the expression: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well start using them! With GIFs you can easily tell how you feel without saying a word.
    6. Small presentation
      GIFs are basically multiple pictures placed after one another. This gives you the opportunity to tell a small story. Try something different for a change!

So, are your messages a little bit stiff? Start enriching them with a GIF! Find out more about it in our Summer Release Notes. Any questions or in need of support? Contact us or request for a free demo.

Frits Vos

Frits Vos has been with Netpresenter for over a decade. As head of Innovation & IT, Frits is an indispensable piece of the Netpresenter puzzle.