Corporate App: One ‘App’solutely Genius Way to Keep Remote Workers in the Loop

It happens all the time in the modern workplace: someone gets left out of the loop. Often, it happens unintentionally. A recipient gets left off an e-mail or a colleague is on vacation when an important event occurs. However, some people are kept in the dark ALL the time. Remote workers like representatives, field workers and drivers, who don’t spend their workday at the office, fail to receive any internal communication. Netpresenter came up with a simple tool for organizations to connect with literally everyone, even the employees that are hardest to reach: a corporate App.

Recent studies show that when people feel out of the loop, they immediately interpret it as a subtle sign of rejection. As a result, they trust and like their bosses and colleagues less, feel less loyal to the company and are less motivated to perform. Companies which do communicate well with their entire staff, on the other hand, drive engagement and business results.


Always in the loop

With the Netpresenter News & Alert App being out doesn’t mean being out of touch. Whether your workers are behind their desk, on the road or in the field, they will stay informed about what’s going on at the office by receiving company news, intranet headlines and other relevant information directly on their mobile devices.


Part of the conversation

The App’s social feature allows remote employees to be part of the conversation. By liking and commenting on news items via the App, non-desk employees make their voice heard. On top of that, it gives management the opportunity to engage in a conversation with the people they get to personally connect with the least.


Life Saving

Whether employees are in the office or elsewhere, as an employer it’s your duty to keep them safe while they are on the clock. To achieve this, the News & Alert app has a built-in feature that alerts everyone in case of an emergency. When disaster strikes, highly visible emergency messages take over your staff’s mobile phones, making sure everyone stays unharmed.

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Julie Bellinkx

For years Julie Bellinkx worked as a Manager and Social Media Manager for a well-known LA based company and now she takes this experience to reinforce our Marketing & Communications Department.