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“With Netpresenter, we can offer our clients the complete package”

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Back in 2017, corporate IT & audiovisual service provider SysWorks was looking for a software provider like Netpresenter to expand its services. At that time, Netpresenter was looking for exactly the opposite. A year and several clients later, the cooperation between SysWorks and Netpresenter is only getting stronger. Kamiel Salentijn, Account Manager at SysWorks, and Luc Bormans, Sales & Marketing Manager at Netpresenter, explain how this successful cooperation came about.

Within SysWorks, there is a mindset of “Do what you do best,” Kamiel says. SysWorks has been supplying and installing audiovisual equipment for years. Think of large (information) screens or even complete meeting rooms,” Kamiel continues. “Netpresenter turned out to be the last piece of the puzzle to complete our portfolio.”

At that time, Netpresenter was looking for a reliable partner for hardware. “Organizations nowadays don’t have time to figure out and arrange everything themselves. Mounting screens, routing cables, install software…” says Luc. “Through our partnership with SysWorks, customers now have one point of contact, one all-in-one solution, and above all, no hassle.”


Enthusiastic customers

Over the past few years, SysWorks and software provider Netpresenter acquired several joint clients. One of them is healthcare institution Sevagram in Heerlen, the Netherlands. Sevagram used to have what they called an ‘analogue digital signage channel’. Managing this channel was quite complicated. “For example, you had to manage each screen separately. With Netpresenter, they can now manage all screens simultaneously, spread across their offices, from one central location. I don’t have to tell you that this saves them a lot of time and work,” says Kamiel.

“The municipality of Echt-Susteren in the Netherlands is another customer that benefits from our collaboration,” Luc continues. “At their reception desk, they have a screen to display practical information. The municipality was looking for a user-friendly content management system to manage this content. A system that everyone, including people without much technical knowledge, had to be able to use. And that is exactly what Netpresenter is all about.”

As simple as sending an email

Kamiel: “If you can send an email, you are able to use Netpresenter. Just write a message and add an image or video. After that, you press publish and your message is immediately visible on all screens. It is that simple. We also use Netpresenter in our own office. We have a reception area where clients can come for questions about IT and audiovisual issues. We use a presentation on a large screen to introduce SysWorks and its services to our clients. It gives your organization just that little bit extra.”

Complete package that sells itself

“Organizations are moving away from using paper and are more and more relying on digital communication. Instead of bulletin boards, they now using digital signage screens to present news quickly, easily, and in a professional manner. This is exactly the combination of hardware and software that we offer. Our total package actually just sells itself. The fact that SysWorks and Netpresenter are pretty much neighbors is an added advantage. This allows us to respond to each other perfectly and keep the quality as high as possible,” conclude Kamiel and Luc.

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Linda van Oppen

Linda is Netpresenter's Head of Operations. Her mission is to bring out the best in every organization by making new employees feel at home and trained. According to Linda, you are doing well when employee satisfaction and performance have increased.