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“SharePoint on any screen is the future”

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The days when you needed a computer to access SharePoint are gone. Together with SharePoint specialist ShareOne, Netpresenter offers SharePoint on every screen. “Employees who did not have access to a computer were literally sidelined before,” says ShareOne’s Commercial Manager, Lars Martens. “Thanks to the cooperation with Netpresenter, we can now offer every employee access to SharePoint via large television screens or even their own cell phone.”

We are moving more and more towards a digital world. Companies and their internal communications need to adapt. “Business leaders are looking for digital tools to communicate with their employees,” says Lars. “SharePoint is one of them. Using SharePoint, all company information is stored in one digital environment that, in theory, is accessible for everyone. In reality, this is slightly different. Not every employee has access to a computer. That meant they didn’t have access to SharePoint either. Until recently.”

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SharePoint for everyone

“Part of your workforce might be on the road a lot, or works at a factory line. You will want to provide them with SharePoint content as well. By joining forces with Netpresenter, we can now provide employees with cross-media access to this content. Not only via computer, but also via large narrowcasting screens and an app. This means that no one is left out anymore,” says Lars. “And you only have to manage information in one place: SharePoint. This content is automatically forwarded to the other channels.”

Personal digital workplace

SharePoint also enables you to provide your employees with personalized content. “Quite a difference from before,” says Lars. “Back then, you only had the static internet with general news, without added value. Employees immediately clicked away this news. SharePoint, on the other hand, helps you create a personal digital workplace. You start your computer and log into SharePoint. It’s your personal digital portal, with your news, your tasks, your projects. You will only see the information that is related to you or your department. This makes it much more interesting for employees.”

Personalized content

Netpresenter also acknowledges the importance of such a personal digital workplace. “You can choose exactly which SharePoint information you want to send, to whom and through which channel. It enables you to show specific SharePoint content to those specific users who can actually benefit from the content”, says Lars.

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Strong together

ShareOne’s motto, strong together, resonates in all aspects of the company, including their collaboration with partners. “We can do a lot, but sometimes we need a little help to do things even better. We use the expertise of our partners to implement and complete our products and services. Together we offer an even more complete package. This allows us better to meet the needs and demands of our customers”, says Lars.

That is what convinced ShareOne to work with Netpresenter. “When we stumbled upon Netpresenter via a mutual customer, we immediately thought, “That would be a great addition!”, says Lars. “Without Netpresenter, we could only approach employees with a computer. Now we can also reach the other target groups. That is a big step forward. SharePoint on every screen is really the future”, concludes Lars.

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Jesse Boon

Jesse is the Partnership Manager at Netpresenter, where he excels in building solid relationships with resellers and partners. He knows the ins and outs of integrating systems with SharePoint and Microsoft 365, which helps enhance teamwork and streamline processes.