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REST API: Making Communication with Your Staff a Breeze

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It has been over 10 years since Roy Fielding wrote his dissertation on Representation State Transfer (REST). Nowadays, everyone uses REST APIs as a foundation for building a platform, including big players like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. With Netpresenter, you can easily retrieve data from any API-built platform.

Now you might be thinking, “But aren’t there multiple companies that can do this?” That’s correct. We are not the only ones who can connect your system with REST APIs. What makes us unique is that we have chosen a broader approach. We haven’t wasted time developing a specialized API connection for just one platform. Instead, we have created a universal API that connects you with anyone worldwide.

You ask, we display

But what does this mean for your company? This development means that you can literally display anything on any TV, PC, or mobile device within your organization. Online calendars, social media posts, KPIs, weather and traffic information, and even your own SharePoint data. You ask, we display.

Traffic info REST API

Give your API a Rest

It might all sound a bit complicated, but don’t worry! Netpresenter is here to take the work off your hands. Do you want to share something interesting with your staff? Our software ensures that JSON/XML data is displayed on any desired output supported by Netpresenter, using XSLT. And all of this without any effort on your part. By retrieving, filtering, sorting, and processing data, we can create a visual representation. This way, you can provide your employees with useful information without having to type all the messages yourself. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Mediaserver Netpresenter

Do you want an easy option for your company to connect with every player in your field? Feel free to contact us or request a free demo.

Frits Vos

Frits Vos has been with Netpresenter for over a decade. As head of Innovation & IT, Frits is an indispensable piece of the Netpresenter puzzle.