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Netpresenter’s integration with OpenAI GPT on front page of the world’s leading PR and communications publication PRWeek

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With the announcement of a new integration with OpenAI GPT, Netpresenter has reached the front page of PRWeek, the world’s leading PR and communications publication. PRWeek picked up the news after it became known earlier this week that Netpresenter is the world’s first employee communications platform to integrate OpenAI GPT into its software. The revolutionary integration with OpenAI GPT enables organizations to communicate faster, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

Based on this news, PRWeek publishes an exclusive interview with Netpresenter CEO Frank Hoen. “Our customers have to deal with all the stuff going on via social channels externally, and they’re competing with their core messages they need to get between the ears of employees,” said Frank Hoen. “They’re out of time and resources. We’re giving them back their fighting chance of reaching employees.” By efficiently targeting workers, customers can use “employee communications as a strategic tool,” according to Hoen.

Read the interview with PRWeek.

Luc Bormans

Luc is the Head of Marketing at Netpresenter, known for his creativity and sharp sense of humor, with Michael Scott from "The Office" as his great example. He deeply understands market and customer needs, aligning marketing with product development and company goals.