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Give SharePoint a Boost with Two Simple Tricks

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SharePoint is designed to make life easier in the workplace. However, employees often complain about Microsoft’s platform. A common complaint is that they get ‘lost’ on the intranet. Understandably, finding the right information on SharePoint can be a real challenge for users. “It’s like searching for a specific passage in a 500-page book,” says SharePoint Architect Scott Walsh. Often, employees don’t even have a clue why they should use SharePoint in the first place! To address these pain points and instantly increase intranet visits we at Netpresenter give SharePoint a boost with two simple tricks.

Eye-catching Teasers

While SharePoint tools actually help employees with their daily tasks, chances are they will never use them. Why? Because most employees don’t know these tools exist. If you want to increase intranet visits, it’s crucial to give your staff a reason to log in. Netpresenter’s SharePoint Integration shows your employees at a glance what exactly can be found on your intranet. SharePoint headlines are automatically displayed on every TV, PC, and mobile screen within your organization. These ‘teasers’ can be targeted to specific groups, so they only see the content that is relevant to them. Encourage your HR Manager, for example, to use the vacation planner or persuade the Sales Manager to post quarterly figures on the intranet.

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Hyperlinks as Digital Signposts

Now that employees have a good reason to actively use SharePoint, how do you ensure they find information quickly? It’s easy! Add hyperlinks to SharePoint headlines on mobile and PC. Employees no longer have to make any effort to explore the intranet themselves. The hyperlinks, acting as digital signposts, will instantly direct them to the full intranet post with just one click.

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Jesse Boon

Jesse is the Partnership Manager at Netpresenter, where he excels in building solid relationships with resellers and partners. He knows the ins and outs of integrating systems with SharePoint and Microsoft 365, which helps enhance teamwork and streamline processes.