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Meet Nico

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“Doesn’t it work? It works on my machine”

I am Nico de Boer, and I am 42 years old. I am married and live with my wife and two daughters in Heerlen. I was born in the North of the Netherlands, where I studied HTS Computer & Communication technology at Hogeschool Alkmaar.

I joined Netpresenter as a PHP programmer in 2007. I started at Netpresenter because it was, and still is, a young and dynamic organization in which I saw many opportunities to do what I’m good at and further develop my skills.

For twelve years now, I have been going to work every day with new and good sense. Part of this is because I genuinely enjoy my job, but part of the credits must go to the people I get to work with: a team full of young and driven colleagues. For me, this combination makes my job unique. I still learn from my fellow programmers every day, so no two days are ever the same.

Joey Pernot

Joey is Netpresenter’s Content Manager. His passion is to inspire and educate through engaging and creative content. Joey loves to spend time with friends and travel the world.