Internal Communication Checklists

Checklist: Ready for the Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid working has rapidly become the standard in organizations across the globe and is likely here to stay. This means the workplace has become a mix of all kinds of employees: desk workers who work from home or at the office, but also all kinds of non-desk employees such as drivers, on-site mechanics, or nursing staff. Keeping all employees in your hybrid organization informed, engaged, productive, and safe requires efficient, up-to-date, and effective internal communications. Can you reach all of your colleagues with relevant information, no matter where they are? Use this checklist to see if your organization’s communication is ready for hybrid working. In this checklist, we offer: ✔ Fifteen propositions that help you assess your internal communications ✔ A simple scoring system that shows how well-prepared your internal communication is for hybrid working ✔ Support in the optimization of your internal communications for the hybrid workplace
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