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Are you a corporate influencer? Check these 5 trends in internal communication!

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From prioritizing communication with non-desk workers to creating meaningful employee experiences, the role of corporate communication professionals is changing. How is it working at your company? Are you spot on? Is your way of communicating trending enough? Are you THE corporate influencer of 2019? Check it out with these 5 trends in internal communication.

1. Prioritize mobile

As mentioned before, your employees are scattered everywhere. In- and outside your building. A mobile company app might be the connection you need to communicate with them, wherever they are. This way you can distribute, for example, pop-ups with company news, video messages about safety and risks and push notifications in case of emergency. Therefore, it can help to converge HR and internal communication. For instance, it can play a crucial role in employee preboarding, onboarding and retention. Make sure your employees are kept up to date, help isolated people feel connected and allow newbies to build contacts more easily.

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2. Strategic asset

Executives are demanding business value from communications. That is why today’s communication pros want to add business value, measure results and work more efficiently. Make your way of communicating a strategic asset to your organization. For example, the people who are on the road, for instance, your sales people or couriers, are the face of your company. So, instead of letting them go to a customer and return to the office immediately after their appointment, why not let them chat a little bit longer. Let them become the eyes and ears of your company. You employees feel more engaged, your clients feel heard and you quickly get everybody on the same page. You added value to your business and raised the level of communication with your workforce.

3. Empower internal influencers

Executives in big offices may have internal clout, but they, with no offense, aren’t always the best in-house influencers. On the contrary, employees are the best messengers. They talk with each other and discuss how things at work are going. Empower and embrace these internal influencers! They can help your organization establish an authentic, human, corporate voice through multiple layers within your company and sharing across channels. Give them the possibility and tools to let their voices be heard. For instance, by letting them contribute or create content.

4. Make memorable experiences

Getting everybody in the same league, isn’t an easy task. Today’s workforce demands more than top-down lectures. That is why companies are increasingly relying on a learning approach more memorable than speeches and emails. Instead, they use employee experiences to teach values, missions, and visions. You can manage this with trips which are related to one of your goals, but also simply by spending a weekly drink or bite together. Share the state of your company, celebrate what’s working and brainstorm with each other. Doing this, you communicate your organization’s thoughts memorable and engagingly.

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5. ‘A laugh a day…

…makes your employees want to stay!’ Spice your corporate communication and content up by adding some humor. It might seem an offbeat emphasis, but it’s one of the best ways to enthusiasm your staff. Anno 2019, employees tend to seek more fun in their work environment and a good work-life balance. Research by Harvard University shows that employees rather want good conditions and flexible hours than a high salary. If you’ve got this and master the art of appropriate humor, you’ll have an easier job of attracting and retaining talent. Tip: Keep your humor clean, relatable and approachable. Or download our free guide to find the right communication tools to reach your employees.

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