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A Guideline to Great Content for Your Digital Signage Channels: Part 1

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When setting up digital signage, the hardest part is the hardware. You’re just one technical nightmare away from well-informed employees and customers. Once that’s up and running, all there’s left to do is creating marvelous content. You simply broadcast the same content throughout the entire organization. Right?

Wrong. Because Joey from marketing will just be distracted from his work if he’s shown the new safety regulations that apply on Kate’s daily job in the factory hall. And in the offices that regularly get customer visits, your screens should probably show different content as well.

To easily broadcast messages to all your staff members, digital signage allows you to set up screens from any location into the same content management system. But luckily for you (and Joey and Kate), digital signage also allows you to have different content for different offices, all combined under one network.

Easy distribution digital signage content

If you now feel like you need some assistance on deciding what content to publish through your corporate channel and what to publish in local offices, we’re here to help you step-by-step.


The terms COPE and CARE have originated from social media, but we’re using them to help you publish the right message in the right place. COPE content, Create Once and Publish Everywhere, is the content you broadcast throughout the entire organization from your corporate channel. You create it, you publish it, and all your employees are in the loop instantaneously. There’s also the content that shouldn’t be published through your corporate channel, as it covers only the information that is relevant for certain employees. This is CARE content: Create And Recreate Every time. But how to separate COPE from CARE?

You should ask yourself a couple of questions to determine what your COPE content is and what content you would likely consider to be CARE. We’ll start off easy (small steps make big change!) with just one important question you can work on for now:

Who will see the content published to your digital signage displays?

Thinking about your audience is a logical place to start. After all, you’re publishing for them. When talking about workplace communication, all employees are your audience. But not all employees are the same, so identifying audience groups might be a smart idea. These are some ideas on grouping target audiences:

Corporate Channel

This is where you broadcast your finest COPE content. When you start separating your audience into groups, you should always include one organization-wide target audience. Learn more about corporate content in A Guideline to Great Content for your Digital Signage Channels: Part 2.

Local audience

You can start targeting communication by identifying ‘local’ groups. These groups can be divided by country, city, branch office or team. In these groups, you drop all your CARE content. You could also subdivide your audience according to the nature of the tasks of specific groups, such as a marketing or a logistics division. Your corporate channel group can be divided in as many local audience target groups as makes sense to you. Learn more about corporate content in A Guideline to Great Content for your Digital Signage Channels: Part 3

audiences digital signage content

Customers or patients

Don’t forget about your customers or patients! The content you’re going to show to your customers (or patients) is probably different from what you’re sending out to your employees, so include them in your target groups and make sure you keep their content separate.

As you can see, creating target groups is a small step forward. By identifying them and showing them specific content, employees won’t be distracted by information that is of no relevance to them. So, get grouping and get ready for part 2 of our guideline, next week!

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