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6 Reasons your organization needs an employee app

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On average, we spend 3 hours and 15 minutes a day looking at our smartphones. And although mobile phones are viewed as one of the biggest distractions in the office, they also provide employers opportunities. An employee app offers a solution to a variety of challenges. We list six reasons why your organization could benefit from an employee app.

1: Millennials are not the only ones who love their smartphone

Smartphones have become customary. Although, at times, it may seem like millennials are fused with their mobile phones. And indeed, research by Pew Research Center does show almost every millennial owns one. However, the same research shows that a large majority of older generations (85 percent of Generation X and 67 percent of Baby Boomers) also love their mobile phones.

These facts prove that smartphones provide a great opportunity to reach your staff. In fact, more and more people prefer to communicate via their mobile phone – even at work. Mainly millennials increasingly prefer electronic communication over face-to-face contact, and more than half of them already find it important that their organization offers advanced technology. Not without results, because 78 percent say they are more productive thanks to advanced technology.

2: Reach non-desk employees

Worldwide, 80 percent of all employees do not work behind a desk – about 2.7 billion people. Think of cleaners, factory workers, doctors, teachers, or sales associates who do not have a dedicated workspace. Due to the nature of their job, they are more difficult to reach via a PC. 83 percent of workers do not even have a business email address, which further complicates reaching them. However, there is a good chance that they have a smartphone (they regularly check).

And there is more because, with an employee app, employees can also respond and react to messages. Additionally, you can send out push notifications when it is genuinely important. Non-desk employees do not have the opportunity to check the latest company news continually. However, with an eye-catching push notification, they do not find the news – the news finds them. This way, you can be sure that your message will still be seen, no matter what someone is doing or where someone is working.

3: Fast and efficient publishing from the employee app

An employee app does not just make reaching your employees easier. It also facilitates the work of the person who manages the content. You can create messages from the app directly – on the smartphone you are already using for more than 3 hours a day anyway. Just select an image, type a message, and you are done. You will not find a way to publish your corporate news any faster! Bonus: your messages will not only appear in the employee app but on every screen in your organization, including TVs and screensavers. In no time, you will have informed your entire organization!

4: Target the right audience with your messages

There will always be information that is not relevant to everyone in your organization. It would be a shame if your employee app is full of information that is not relevant to your employees. Therefore, target specific groups of employees with your messages, so they only reach the employees who need that information.

On top of that, your employees can decide what messages they wish to see in their app. For example, they can compile their own feed with news from their own team, HR, and specific projects they may not be directly involved in but are interested in. After all, if there is relevant content in your app, your employees will be more inclined to check it regularly!

5: Save time, money, and effort

Employee apps are available for Android and iOS. This means there is no need to buy new devices; your employees can just use their familiar device, whether that is a company phone or a private one. You can also create and schedule messages in no time, enabling you to spread news almost effortlessly

Instead of having your own app developed, you can save even more time, money, and effort using the Netpresenter Employee app. With your company logo, house colors, and images, the app fits your company perfectly. And we continuously update it, so it also runs smoothly on the latest smartphones.

6: Increase employee engagement

A corporate app can help increase employee engagement. Firstly, important company news is distributed transparently and quickly through the employee app. Better informed employees are often more engaged in their organization, which, in turn, leads to higher productivity.

However, an app has an additional advantage. In an app, employees can easily leave reactions and engage in conversations with each other. These can even be employees who would not usually see or speak to each other physically (think of your non-desk employees again). That, in turn, contributes to employee engagement.

Do you need more reasons for your employee app or did we convince you? Download our free infographic ’11 things to consider when purchasing an company employee app’ to see what is important when buying your business app. Would you like immediate personal advice about the possibilities for your organization? Contact us; we would be happy to help you!

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