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12 Reasons Your Company Needs a Corporate Screensaver

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Screensavers may have lost their original purpose, but they still offer numerous useful benefits. In fact, in my opinion, the corporate screensaver is one of the most suitable tools to improve internal communication! Not convinced? Here are twelve good reasons why your company should have a corporate screensaver:

1. Corporate screensavers reach your employees effectively

They inform employees where they spend the majority of their workday: at their desks.

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2. It is a cost-effective communication tool

There’s no need to invest a lot of money in expensive communication tools. Save costs by utilizing your existing IT infrastructure. Use each PC to successfully convey company news.

3. It combats email overload

Screensaver messages are a great tool to make employees aware of internal communication without disturbing them or inundating their inbox with unnecessary emails.

4. It makes (boring) messages more engaging

Don’t bore your staff with dull-looking messages. Corporate screensavers, customized to your own branding, capture employees’ attention with photos, videos, and even flash animations.

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5. It saves you time, money, and effort

Save time, money, and effort by extracting existing information from external sources, news sites, SharePoint, or social media. You can automatically display this content on your interactive screensaver.

6. It helps employees remember messages better

Continuous repetition of screensaver messages ensures that employees not only see but also remember company news and important information.

7. It puts inactive computers to work

In your organization, there are likely hundreds or even thousands of computers running that are not being used most of the time. Put these inactive computers to work by displaying important messages on every computer screen.

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8. It is easy to manage

Screensavers are very easy to manage and update. Even employees without technical knowledge can create and publish messages to every workstation from a central point.

9. It can function as a digital guide

Hyperlinks in screensaver messages direct your employees with one click to information on the intranet or SharePoint. This ensures that these platforms are used more frequently.

Screensaver SharePoint Headlines

10. It encourages social interaction

Screensaver messages are equipped with like, comment, and share functions. This provides your staff with a way to share their opinions, and you can easily engage with your employees.

11. It sends messages to the right audience

Display specific content only to the target audience it is intended for. Screensaver messages can be targeted to individuals, specific groups, departments, multiple locations, or the entire organization. This way, only the target audience sees information relevant to them.

12. It is an effective warning tool

In the event of a disaster or emergency, employees immediately receive a warning message on their PC screens. These warning messages overlay any other application, ensuring they are not missed.


Curious about how your own Netpresenter screensaver could look? Feel free to contact one of our experts! Or download our free guide to find the right communication tools to reach your employees.

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