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Start the Workout: How to Get the Most From Your Employee Training

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Everyone knows that employee training is the cornerstone of effective management. But let’s be honest, employers often have mixed feelings about training. Even though ROI from training really is a no brainer, many employers find it expensive and time-consuming. At Netpresenter, we found a way to reap the benefits of employee training, without worrying about time and cost.

If there’s one thing we know for a fact, it’s that training is ab-so-lu-tely important! However, a one-time training session often doesn’t cut it. Studies show that people tend to forget about 90 percent of what they’ve learned within a month if this information is not brought to their attention on a regular basis afterward. This is exactly where Netpresenter comes in.

Free refresher courses
Digital training platforms, such as Netpresenter, are very effective for reinforcing knowledge without cutting too much into an employee’s day (or your budget). Unlike a single crash course, repetitively sharing small chunks of information is proven to be far more effective. It’s something German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus already figured out back in 1885. The concept is simple: the more frequently you repeat something, the more likely people are going to remember it.

A fraction of the time and cost
At our office, we use a similar technique to train our employees. Using Netpresenter, small bits of cybersecurity, emergency evacuation or first aid information, are shown over and over again on screens throughout the building. Whether it’s through a screensaver or on digital signage screens, staff members are reminded on the daily of everything and anything they need to know. Without keeping them from their work and at just a fraction of the cost of repeated training sessions!

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Linda van Oppen

Linda is Netpresenter's Head of Operations. Her mission is to bring out the best in every organization by making new employees feel at home and trained. According to Linda, you are doing well when employee satisfaction and performance have increased.