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Lobby Digital Signage: 6 Ideas for Effective Communication

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Your company lobby is usually the first area your employees see when they walk into work. Are you making the most of that opportunity? Are you leaving a great first impression every working day, advertising your internal brand, and helping your colleagues start their day informed? Lobby digital signage can help you do all of that. Keep reading for six ideas for effective lobby digital signage!

1. Display important meetings

Displaying meetings, sessions, or training sessions on your lobby digital signage will help your colleagues find their way to their appointments more easily and faster without having to check their phones or calendars. Display your meetings combined with the room or floor number they will be held in or on, so people will know where to go when in an instant.

This is also helpful for your colleagues from other branches, especially when combined with a directory. Colleagues can come in, check the digital signage and be on their way without needing help from anyone.

2. Impress potential employees

Remember that ‘leaving a great first impression thing’? You can also use it for your potential employees. What do candidates see when they first enter your building and enter your lobby? You can use your digital signage screens to display images of happy staff, a great work environment, and other examples of what makes your company a great workplace.

Additionally, lobby digital signage provides nervous, always early candidates with something to distract them and something to look at while they’re waiting for their appointment. It helps them learn new things about the company they are potentially about to start working for, which may come in handy during their interview.

3. Offer wayfinding information

How big is your organization? Do you have numerous floors, rooms, hallways? Turning your lobby’s digital signage into a directory can be very beneficial for visitors and customers, especially in larger buildings. It will help them find their way without seeking help at the front desk. Additionally, it will streamline foot traffic and helps manage movement from parking structures and entrances.

However, wayfinding isn’t just reserved for visitors; it’s equally important for new hires. It can take a while for new hires to get used to finding their way around your buildings. You can use your lobby’s digital signage to make your office buildings less of a maze and more of a familiar place.

digital signage wayfinding

4. Showcase your cafeteria’s menu

What would be a better start to your working day than knowing your favorite dish will be served during lunch? As we all know, the way to the heart is through the stomach. So why not start off your colleagues’ day right by displaying the options on your cafeteria’s menu when they enter the building? You bet their days will be better (if something they like is served).


Sandwich, check. Cheese, check. Hygiene… oh no! See how Chef Gary goes from making “hairy” sandwiches to hygiene masterpieces, all thanks to a nifty app notification! 👨‍🍳🥪📲 FoodHygiene KitchenComedy HappyCustomers EmployeeCommunications EmployeeApp

♬ origineel geluid – Netpresenter – Netpresenter

5. Update staff and visitors on the latest (industry) news

Most people like to stay up to date with the latest news. Your lobby digital signage is a great way to inform your staff of the latest and most important headlines, sports news, and weather forecasts. You can even choose to display industry news to keep staff up to date with important updates in their industry, for example, by displaying Yahoo! Health in a hospital lobby.

Displaying the latest news is great for visitors, too. When was the last time you waited (in a lobby) without looking at your phone? Entertaining digital signage content gives your visitors a way to pass the time. Additionally, occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time, which means entertaining content will also make the wait for their appointment seem less long.

6. Show traffic information and train schedules

Traffic and train information will prove to be perfect content for your lobby digital signage. Your lobby isn’t only the first area your employees see when they walk into work; it’s also the last area they see when they leave the office to go home. Knowing what to expect in traffic can be very handy when you’re leaving the office.

Or imagine you’re leaving the office and running into a colleague you have a little chat with. However, the lobby digital signage shows you your next train is due to leave in five minutes. If you run for the train, you could still catch it. Bye, colleague – thank you, digital signage!

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