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Employee App: How to keep your staff in the loop during their vacation

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Contrary to conventional belief, some vacation time just might be beneficial to our career. However, most employers are far from keen to approve paid time off. Not because they don’t see the benefit of it, but because they are worried that vacationers will have majorly fallen behind once they clock back in. With Netpresenter’s employee app you make sure your staff stays up-to-date about what’s going on at work – even when they are on vacation.

A yearly vacation renews the perspective, creativity and clarity of thought that gets buried by the fast pace of everyday life. But not everybody takes time off. A 2014 Glassdoor report states that 61 percent of employees still works while on vacation. More so, 40 percent of them even does this voluntarily, because they are afraid of the mountain of work they’ll face when they return to the office.

No E-mail

So, how do you give yourself and your workers some peace of mind? Definitely not by bombarding them with good ol’ e-mails, according to the Harvard Business Review. “By e-mailing an employee who’s on vacation, you’re communicating an expectation that she should work during her time off — even if you believe she “should know” that you don’t expect a reply until she’s back in the office”, writes author of Personal Productivity Secrets and HBR contributor Maura Thomas. So in order for companies to reap the benefits of their investment in vacation time for their employees, the solution has to be more comprehensive than just hitting them with a continuous stream of e-mails.


This is exactly where Netpresenter’s employee app comes into play. It keeps staff connected anywhere and everywhere, without bothering them or ‘unconsciously’ demanding a reply. The app automatically extracts content from internal and external sources, so staff members can stay informed about company news through their mobile devices whenever they do have a second to spare. On top of that, military-strength encryption makes sure your data stays secure, even if a mobile device has been lost at poolside.


Want to discretely keep your staff informed during their time off? Contact one of our experts here. Or download the free self assessment to measure the levels of engagement in your organization.

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