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How Scammers Target Your Business and How To Never Fall For It

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Today’s businesses need to be aware of much more than just expenses and profits. As technology evolves, so does cybercrime. I’m not talking about your average Trojan horse or keylogger, I’m talking about scams so craftily designed that there is hardly any way to tell they are in fact scams. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that many account breaches happen when employees provide their login information voluntarily. To prevent your employees from falling for these scams, Netpresenter helps you to create a risk-conscious workplace. 

You can have the best digital security and anti-virus available and still run the risk that your information ends up for grabs. Why? Because the biggest threat you face is coming from inside your own organization: your employees’ thoughtless acts. I recall a story about a secretary who received a Skype message from her CEO to transfer some cash to a random bank account. Even though she thought it was a bit strange her boss asked her via Skype, it was clearly sent from his account, so she didn’t question it any further and did as she was told. Or so she thought…


Raise Awareness

But how do you prevent employees from getting tricked by digital scams? The truth is that there is no foolproof way, but you can come pretty damn close by constantly keeping your employees aware of possible threats. With Netpresenter you keep your staff on their toes, by repetitively broadcasting warnings through pop-up alerts and screensavers on every desktop, apps on mobile devices and digital signage screens positioned in strategic places. Prevention messages about opening dubious e-mails on corporate computers, giving out confidential information or making suspicious payments, can be scheduled to keep coming back periodically, creating a message that cannot be ignored, nor forgotten.


Be Prepared

What now if something should slip through the net, are you ready? Preparedness is key. By repeatedly highlighting what to do and, more importantly, what not to do during a security breach, you prepare your employees to prevent things from going south even further. Additionally, pop-up messages on every PC screen warn other employees right away not to fall into the same trap.


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