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How cyber safe is your company?

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Cybercrime is on the rise. Ever since a teenager hacked the director of the CIA’s email, it’s clear no one is immune to cyber threats. A simple innocent click on the wrong link is all it takes to bring your company down. But how do you make your organization cyber safe?

You think you’re safe, because you invested in security technology, right? Wrong! When it comes to cybersecurity, you shouldn’t just create an IT-wall to keep outsiders from stealing or tampering with data. You should focus on your own employees’ actions. Studies show that human error causes 95 percent of organizational security breaches. A click on a fake email or a glance at a fraudulent bank statement, can be deadly for your business.

How to keep your company cyber safe?

There’s not just one solution to keep your company data out of cybercriminals’ clutches. As illustrated, it’s a combination of different approaches that will lead you to a path of cyber safety. However, if your core isn’t up to par, your next layers of IT protection won’t be beneficial enough. Things as endpoint protection, perimeter security and intrusion prevention and response won’t keep your company cyber safe. These approaches can’t put a halt to user carelessness.


Education and awareness

In modern day businesses, employees must be trained. They need to recognize cybersecurity risks and cybersecurity awareness should become part of your organization’s corporate DNA. Every employee needs to be aware of cyber threats, how to make good judgments online and policies regarding internet security.


Lock doors? Check. Lock car? Check. Your computer… unlocked? Uh-oh! Watch Gary’s transformation into the ultimate human firewall and how a Lock Screen can become an effective defense against sneaky cyber criminals. 🕵️‍♂️💻🔒 CyberSecurity Hacker HumanFirewall EmployeeCommunications LockScreen

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This can be achieved through a variety of tactics. We, for example, keep our employees on their toes, by constantly repeating cybersecurity related messages. We repeat them on our digital signage screens, app and even our corporate screensaver. Want us to help you keep your company cyber safe too? Contact one of our experts now! Or download our free checklist on cybersecurity.

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