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Turn SharePoint into a crisis-proof communication tool with our SharePoint Integration

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As people collectively work remotely because of the coronavirus, good internal communication is more important than ever. While there are numerous communication tools out there to chat with your colleagues, there are more powerful solutions available for company-wide communication, such as SharePoint to create your own intranet. With just a small modification, SharePoint becomes a crisis-proof communication tool.

SharePoint is already available on every device via the web and apps. This makes SharePoint a handy tool, especially if you’re currently forced to work mainly from home. However, there’s also a disadvantage to SharePoint: employees must visit SharePoint to see the information, which can form a barrier. This makes SharePoint less useful for sharing important company news or real-time updates. After all, you don’t know when or how fast employees read the news items – for all you know, they don’t read them at all.  SharePoint adoption is a problem we notice many companies struggle with. That’s why we created the SharePoint Integration.

SharePoint Connector

SharePoint Integration

One of the biggest pros of the SharePoint Integration is that people no longer need to navigate to your SharePoint: the integration brings Sharepoint to them. Whether you use digital signage screens, or only desktops and laptops – messages you publish on SharePoint will automatically appear on every screen in your organization. The content even appears on your employees’ mobile phones. If necessary, people can immediately click through to SharePoint from their laptop or phone to read more.

It also enables you to reach people who don’t work with a computer. Think of nurses in a hospital, or warehousemen. Even visitors can get access to (curated) content on your intranet via digital signage screens, something that is otherwise impossible (hey, it’s called the intranet for a reason). Especially for organizations that still welcome visitors or patients, working from home isn’t an option. For these organizations, hygiene and contact regulations are now more important and stricter than ever. The SharePoint Integration allows these organizations to easily distribute the latest hygiene regulations amongst everyone, both employees and visitors. This is essential under the present circumstances, especially in the healthcare sector.

Meanwhile, well-structured communication continues to be essential for employees who are working from home. All of their communication now suddenly takes place via digital channels.  Whether your employees communicate via Slack, Teams, Skype or e-mail, the number of digital messages someone receives when they’re working from home can be overwhelming.   When you publish company news through these communication channels, all you’re doing is contributing to this information overload. You might want to avoid this.  We think distributing your company news via SharePoint and the Sharepoint Integration is a lot more efficient: you don’t flood people with more information while they’re trying to get some work done (while also still adapting to suddenly working from home all the time). In addition to that, if there’s really important news you want to get to all of your employees instantaneously (for example, when everyone can work at the office again!), you can reach everyone at the same time via a push notification.

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No extra work

We understand you don’t want to deal with any more fuss in the current situation. That’s why we made it easy to transfer your SharePoint messages to your digital signage screens, your PCs and your mobile phones: The integration automatically does it for you! This way, you don’t have to manage your content in multiple places. You just keep managing your content on SharePoint, the only difference being that now you’ll genuinely reach your staff when it matters the most. And just like that, your SharePoint is now a crisis-proof communication tool!

Want to know more about our SharePoint Integration? Or see the functionality in real life? Feel free to contact me. You might also find our free Infographic with 5 tips to boost your SharePoint adoption an interesting read.

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Jesse Boon

Jesse is the Partnership Manager at Netpresenter, where he excels in building solid relationships with resellers and partners. He knows the ins and outs of integrating systems with SharePoint and Microsoft 365, which helps enhance teamwork and streamline processes.