Netpresenter Winter 2018 release: Upgrade now!

Netpresenter Winter 2018 release comes with a number of enhancements and exciting new features. This season, Netpresenter introduces Alert Types. These presets give you the ability to quickly trigger alerts including certain predefined conditions, such as a color, icon and level. This makes sending out alerts in the Alert Server easier and faster than ever before!

But it doesn’t stop there. Here’s what else is new:

  • Color Theme per site: apply Color Themes, which enable you to change the colors within your template, to each individual site. Watch a video on how to change and create your own Color Themes.
  • Live Alert Preview: instantly view your alerts in real-time before sending it out.
  • New Alert Sounds: additional Alert sounds are added to the Alert Server, such as Slow-whoop, Sweep-up and Sweep-down.
  • Trigger Alerts via App: have an alert button at your fingertips at all times. Alert people by triggering alerts directly from your mobile device.
  • Acknowledgement Button: add an acknowledgement button to your alert to keep track of who has seen and acknowledged the alert.
  • Categories: create your own categories (e.g. HR, birthdays, events) to conveniently organize and sort messages in the Message Server overview.
  • Alert History: reuse and reactivate previous alerts from the Alert History.
  • Logging: user actions (e.g. switching on/off, publishing or deleting messages) are now logged in the admin section.

…and much more!


View the Winter 2018 Release Notes for a complete overview of all new functionalities or contact us for a free demo.


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Luc Bormans

Luc Bormans, Netpresenter's head of Marketing, is an expert in the field of Marketing Communications. In his spare time Luc likes to cruise around in his Mini Cooper.