Content Hub Asset Library

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This page explains how to create and manage assets in the Netpresenter Content Hub Asset Library. Before proceeding please check if you use the Content Hub or the Message Server & Alert Server.

Content Hub Login

If you login looks like this you can proceed on this page.

Message Server Login

If it looks like this please click here to read the Message Server & Alert Server documentation.

Asset Library 


When adding Media to a Library, you will need to click the ‘+Media’ button in the new article window. 

You will be greeted with the Asset library which already has your uploaded files collected. Each item will have meta information about the format. You will see immediately if it is a PNG or JPG or MP4 item. The Asset library can also be filtered by type or tag, and it is possible to search for a specific media item. On the right, you can sort the items by date uploaded. 

Uploading files 

To upload files, click on the ‘Upload Files’ tab in the Add Media view. 

Then you can drag and drop your files in this window or simply search for your items on your computer. When the items are added, you can also add tags to the items in the right-hand menu. 

Tags can be added to your assets. This can help you filter content and find your assets faster. It can be compared to categories for articles. 

The items can then be added to the article with the button on the bottom right. 


If you like to use GIFs, you can click on the GIPHY tab in the Add Media view. 

You will be greeted with popular GIFs from the GIPHY website and can choose from either one of these to add to your article. Searching for a specific GIF is also possible with the search function. 
When you find your perfect GIF, you can add it to your article with the button on the bottom right. 

Free Stock Images 

If you would like to use some Free stock Images, you can click that tab in the Add Media view. 

In this window, you can select Stock Images that are popular on Unsplash. Select any image and add it to your article. Just like in the asset library of GIPHY, you can search for stock photos as well.