Boost SharePoint User Adoption

Generate more traffic to SharePoint and increase intranet visits

SharePoint is a great way for organizations to organize, share and collaborate more effectively. But what happens when users are not adopting the new tools that SharePoint provides them with? For many organizations, this is reality. They spend tons on buying and deploying SharePoint, but struggle to convince employees to actively make use of their platform. But how do you get your employees to start using SharePoint more often?

Netpresenter helps you to increase SharePoint visits by automatically extracting existing content from SharePoint and displaying them on every available screen within your organization. For example, bring KPIs to employees’ attention with interactive messages on PC, show the latest headlines on digital signage screens or take SharePoint outside corporate walls with your own corporate app.

SharePoint User Adoption

Watch how Netpresenter can drive users to your intranet by displaying SharePoint content throughout your office using a mix of communication channels.

Boost User Adoption

Finally get your money's worth out of SharePoint by driving people to actively use your platform

One simple click

No more extensive SharePoint searches. Guide people to relevant content with just one simple click

Accessible for everyone

Give employees without access to a computer (non-desk workers) the opportunity to make use of SharePoint

No time or effort

Display content on PC, TV and mobile without any effort. Messages are automatically extracted from SharePoint

Outside the office

Ensure your intranet is accessible to remote workers. Allow them to stay connected wherever they are

Create enthusiasm

Promote the advantages of SharePoint throughout the office and get people excited about the platform

Boosting your SharePoint User Adoption requires the right mix of Communication Tools


Turn screensavers into interactive billboards promoting SharePoint and encouraging staff to visit relevant intranet content


Automatically broadcast SharePoint content in a short, punchy format on every large TV screen throughout your organization


Display SharePoint headlines on a professional corporate app to ensure the intranet is accessible to everyone, no matter where they are


Use desktop alerts to promote SharePoint, immediately notify staff of important updates and link them to further information on the intranet

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