SharePoint Integration
Bring your SharePoint to life


Instantly increase
SharePoint visits

Actively bring your existing SharePoint content to the attention of employees using any available screen and device within your organization. By connecting SharePoint with Netpresenter, you can easily present the latest and greatest from SharePoint to your staff, ensuring everyone is up to date.


Put a spotlight on SharePoint
Finally get your money’s worth out of SharePoint by driving people to actively use the platform. Guide employees to relevant content with just one simple click and trigger their interest with personalized news.

Automated updates prevents double entry
Save time, money, and effort by efficiently redistributing existing SharePoint content. Information is automatically updated, greatly simplifying the content management process and reducing workload.

Bring SharePoint outside corporate walls
Ensure your intranet is accessible to everyone. Share relevant news and important headlines on mobile devices and keep employees without access to a PC (non-desk workers) in the loop.

Microsoft Power BI client
Microsoft Power BI client
Microsoft Power BI client
Microsoft Power BI client

“The popularity of and traffic to our intranet has increased considerably since we started using Netpresenter”

Niels Dekker
Public Affairs & Communication Manager at RWG

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