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How to create a hygiene protocol at work

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Absenteeism due to sickness cost organizations an estimated $1,685 annually per employee, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Infectious diseases such as COVID-19, or even ‘common’ flu and colds, thus form a serious threat to business operations. A proper hygiene protocol helps to keep your business as healthy as possible.

A proper hygiene protocol consists of several rules and guidelines to prevent infection and virus spread. Think of rules of thumb like washing your hands properly and working at home preventively in case of initial or mild complaints. But there are also many misconceptions about, for example, the use of mouth caps and painkillers. It is necessary to inform your staff properly about this hygiene protocol.


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Continuous training

Continuous training is the key to raise awareness successfully. Studies show that continuous training has much more effect than one-off training. Don’t make the (common) mistake of thinking that you are done the moment you’ve sent the hygiene protocol to everyone by email. Chances are, the information will be forgotten very quickly. In fact, with an email like that, you only contribute to an email overload, something that quite literally makes people sick.


To continuously train employees and keep repeating practical health tips, we developed a Template Pack with 11 helpful health tips. By repeatedly displaying these templates on all screens in your organization, you minimize the chance that a virus, such as the COVID-19 virus, will spread within your organization and cause significant problems.

Download our Health Regulations Template Pack now for free and show these practical health tips on all screens in your organization. Need help setting up these templates? Feel free to contact us.

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