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Our CEO Frank on WRKdefined Podcast

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Frank Hoen, recently appeared on the WRKdefined podcast.

In this insightful episode, WRKdefined speaks with Frank about crucial topics such as employee communication, digital signage at work, and message engagement. The discussion covers the essential steps for disseminating important company information and managing company-wide emergencies.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Innovative approach to digital signage
  • Expanding the reach of messages
  • The power of repetition and AI in message delivery
  • The role of employee communications and the human side
  • Infusing AI into the platform
  • Impact of COVID-19 on NetPresenter
  • Increasing message awareness with NetPresenter
  • Types of information to communicate
  • Gamification and engagement in communication
  • Benefits of NetPresenter as a communication tool
  • Implementation and deployment of NetPresenter

About WRKdefined

WRKdefined is not just a podcast network; they are the architects of a new era in work-related content. Their mission is to become the ultimate authority in all things work. WRKdefined brings together top voices in the industry to share their stories and help listeners navigate what was once a simple 9 to 5.

We encourage everyone to listen to this enlightening podcast episode and learn more about how Netpresenter can transform your workplace communication.

Joey Pernot

Joey is Netpresenter’s Content Manager. His passion is to inspire and educate through engaging and creative content. Joey loves to spend time with friends and travel the world.