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Netpresenter’s CEO Featured on 16:9 Podcast

We are pleased to announce that our CEO Frank Hoen recently appeared on the 16:9 podcast, hosted by Dave Haynes. In this episode, our CEO shares the history of Netpresenter and its role in the development of workplace Digital Signage over the past two decades.

Key points discussed include:

  • The origins of Netpresenter and its early recognition of the potential for Digital Signage in workplaces.
  • The challenges faced and milestones achieved in developing effective Digital Signage solutions.
  • Current trends in the industry and how Netpresenter continues to innovate to meet modern workplace needs.
  • Future plans for Netpresenter and the direction of the Digital Signage industry.

This episode offers valuable insights for anyone interested in Digital Signage technology and its application in the workplace.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Luc Bormans

Luc is the Head of Marketing at Netpresenter, known for his creativity and sharp sense of humor, with Michael Scott from "The Office" as his great example. He deeply understands market and customer needs, aligning marketing with product development and company goals.