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Netpresenter Release 2023: Instagram Integration and more!

Netpresenter Release 2023! Message Server 18.0 is here.
Once again a clever piece of work by our development team. The result? A number of improvements and brand new features that further optimize our platform.

Instagram Integration: Bring Posts to Every Screen

The most notable new feature of the Netpresenter Release 2023 is the Instagram Integration. This feature allows posts from an Instagram account to be automatically displayed on any screen within the organization.

There are two display options:

  • ‘Single Post’: ideal for displaying individual posts
  • ‘Images Wall’: a dynamic collage for displaying multiple posts.

This integration provides a unique way to easily integrate Instagram content into daily communication streams and keep employees up-to-date with the latest post(s).

Focal Point: Smart Image Cropping for Perfect Fit

Another addition and improvement is the “Focal Point” feature. This makes it much easier to properly place images in templates thanks to intelligent image cropping.

Want to know more about this smart feature? Download the release note here.

There is more

That’s not all. There are several more improvements:

  • Alerts in Teams: Send alerts directly from the Alert Server to a specific Microsoft Teams channel. This way they reach a wider audience and won’t be missed by anyone.
  • Data Export: Make analysis and reporting easier by exporting important data such as player and user lists, and message statistics as a .csv file.
  • Colorful Emojis: Communicate more vividly with full-color emojis.
  • Expanded API: Take advantage of the enhanced functionality of our API, now including the addition of message status.
  • Bug Fixes and Security Updates: We have added some bug fixes and security patches to this version.

More information on Netpresenter Release 2023?

Check out the Netpresenter Release 2023 Notes here for a complete overview of all the new features and enhancements in this Netpresenter Release. Want to be able to ask all your questions right away? Then contact our consultants or request a 30-minute demo here.

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