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Netpresenter kicks off spring with 13 Badges in G2 Spring Report 🏆🌷

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G2 released their 2023 Spring Report, and we can proudly announce that Netpresenter has earned 13 badges, including Leader, High Performer, and Best Support in different categories. Thanks to our wonderful team and their dedication to providing the best employee communication experience to all of our customers, and thanks to you, our customers, who keep putting their trust into Netpresenter and have put us on the map with such high rankings. Here’s to keeping up the awesome work!

Every spring, G2 publishes their Spring Report, where they award badges to businesses that have outdone themselves in their industries and received positive reviews from their customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the G2 Spring 2023 Report. Thanks to your honest and positive appraisal, we were honored with a whopping 13 badges this year:

  • Leader in Employee Communications
  • Leader Mid-Market in Employee Communications
  • Best Support Mid-Market in Employee Engagement
  • Fastest Implementation Enterprise in Employee Communications
  • High Performer Enterprise in Employee Communications, Digital Signage, Emergency Notification
  • High Performer Mid-Market in Emergency Notification
  • High Performer in Employee Engagement, Digital Signage, Emergency Notification
  • Easiest To Do Business With Mid-Market in Emergency Notification
  • Users Love Us based on all our reviews

What do these badges mean to you?

These badges are all awarded based on honest and positive G2 reviews from a wide variety of customers and users of the Netpresenter platform, as rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software users.

If you are already a Netpresenter user; we wholeheartedly thank you for using our product and your continuous support on our journey to create the best possible employee communication experience and customer experience. These badges air all the reasons you love our software – that’s why we’re extra proud of our G2 recognition as an industry leader.

“I am very happy with the positive feedback I receive from my relations,” says Youri Cortenraad, Sales & Account Coordinator at Netpresenter. “The satisfaction they show through their positive reviews motivates us to make sure our software and services stay at the high level they are used to.”

If you’re not (yet) a Netpresenter user, you can trust these insights when researching and selecting software. They’re rooted in vetted, validated, genuine customer reviews. These badges are an instant way for you to see where we’re performing especially well, as they’re automatically generated when a product features in a G2 market report.

Here is some of the great feedback we have received from our customers on G2:

“With everyone receiving tailored information for their channel at the same time across the business, the benefits speak for themselves.”

– User in Business supplies on G2. Read the full review

“Using Netpresenter, we can quickly and effectively share messages with our teams. It’s been enjoyable to see how we’ve used this platform, and I believer it makes us feel more connected as a company.”

– Reannah C. on G2. Read the full review

“Netpresenter makes it possible to reach many employees at various locations quickly and easily. It is a perfect addition to our intranet and allows us to reach a wider audience.”

– Emmi H. on G2. Read the full review

What is G2?

G2 is the world’s largest platform that allows organizations and companies worldwide to share their experiences with software. All users are 100% validated software users, which means you will only find unfiltered and unbiased reviews. From well-known office applications to CRM systems and marketing solutions, you can find virtually anything on G2.

Would you like to give your opinion about Netpresenter? Write us a review on G2. We would love to hear your feedback!

Luc Bormans

Luc is the Head of Marketing at Netpresenter, known for his creativity and sharp sense of humor, with Michael Scott from "The Office" as his great example. He deeply understands market and customer needs, aligning marketing with product development and company goals.