Internal Communication Trend reports

Internal communication trends in 2021

In a world where employees work wherever and whenever they want to, internal communication can be the glue that holds your organization together. Therefore, in 2021, internal communications will remain firmly in the spotlight as leaders worldwide are still forced to manage their hybrid organizations through this ongoing crisis.

These are the trends in internal communication that will dominate 2021:

  1. Communicating with a fragmented workforce
    We will continue working from home in 2021. You have probably been working in your home office for months, perhaps with an occasional brief excursion to your ‘real’ office building. Now that the coronavirus has accelerated the adoption of the digital workplace and remote working has been normalized rapidly, many employees will continue to work outside of the traditional office space. Half of U.S. professionals believe their companies will allow them to telecommute at least part of the time after the pandemic. That percentage is even higher in industries that see flexible work as the future, including tech (73%), finance (67%), and media (59%). A number of companies have said working from home is a permanent possibility for their staff.
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