Cybersecurity Awareness Checklists

Checklist: Cybersecurity

Cybercrime has become an ever-growing risk for every business or organization. Hackers don’t explicitly target specific marks but rather exploit vulnerabilities in systems to make their move. It doesn’t matter if your organization is large or small, or whether it’s a commercial business or serves a public interest. Hospitals and educational institutions are regular targets of cyberattacks as well. It’s impossible to rule out cyberattacks completely. Hardware and software are constantly changing, making cybersecurity a game of cat and mouse. A human error, like clicking on a phishing link, is easily made and can have severe consequences. However, there are steps that you can or even must take as an organization to minimize the risks. To help organizations improve their digital security, we have created a checklist with useful tips to improve your organization’s digital security. Examine this checklist with your IT administrator to make sure your organization keeps risks to a minimum.

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