Cybersecurity Awareness Templates

Cybersecurity Templates (Updated)

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated every day. In fact, excellent IT security is no longer enough to prevent business-sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. After all, the biggest threat is within your own organisation: your employees. One click on the wrong link is often enough to shut down your entire organisation. Continuous cybersecurity awareness training, however, ensures that you and your employees are aware of cyber attacks at an early stage and can thus better protect your organisation against them. Download our cybersecurity templates with useful information and practical tips to improve your employees’ cybersecurity knowledge:
✔ Do’s and don’ts while browsing ✔ Recognizing phishing attacks ✔ Keep your organization cyber secure What can you expect in this zip-file? A free custom built template which can be installed in your Message Server and is specifically designed to display the free cybersecurity content in full screen. Need help setting up these templates? Watch this instructional video to easily import the templates yourself to the Message Server or contact one of our support agents.

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