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Ensure your crisis cimmunication plan can be implemented quickly and in a structured manner through visual protocols and a clear division of roles. Clear, orderly, and efficient; as a crisis communication protocol should be. Every organization has its risks and dynamics, depending on the country, the sector, and the organization’s size. By working out protocols on several A4 sheets, you guarantee speed and decisiveness. You can always refer to the crisis communication plan, which, for example, contains tone-of-voice and ready-made statements. The bundle consists of the following communication protocols, which you can use or as an example when creating your own specific protocols: ✔ Roles and responsibilities ✔ Cyberattacks ✔ Bomb Threats or Explosions ✔ Fire ✔ Pandemic ✔ Extreme Cold ✔ Thunderstorms & Tornadoes ✔ Power Outage

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