Compliance Communication Templates


To be well prepared for any emergency in your organization, it is important to regularly repeat and practice your CERT-skills. Typically, this is done during an annual CERT-repetition. In between these annual trainings, the CERT-knowledge may slightly fade. This means your organization is not always fully prepared when an emergency occurs, which can be dangerous… To keep your CERT-members and other staff members’ knowledge on track, regular repetition is crucial. That is why we have developed a CERT-template pack. The template pack will fully equip you to repeat the most important CERT-knowledge for your staff members on a regular basis. This way, they will always have the latest knowledge, even in between the annual CERT training. In this zip file, you will find a free custom template that you can install in your Message Server. It is specifically designed to display the free full screen CERT content. Need help setting up your template? Watch this instructional video to easily import the templates yourself to the Message Server or contact one of our support agents.

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