VCU’s unique Performance Improvement approach: safety messages on 7,000 PCs


“By feeding our employees positive stories about safety initiatives and error prevention, through Netpresenter driven screensavers, we are creating a work environment that is more safety aware and that rewards original initiatives in the field of safety and error prevention”
Jenifer Murphy, Safety First Coordinator at the Performance Improvement Department


Improving safety by keeping over 8,000 employees, at 25 different sites, informed of the latest news and procedures & alert them quickly and effectively in case of emergency.


Interactive Netpresenter screensavers installed on 7,000 PCs, highlighting original safety initiatives and keeping staff informed and alert them in case of an emergency.


Increased safety awareness and improved general performance. Also, employees are better informed and instantly alerted in case of an emergency.

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About VCU Health
VCU Health is the only academic medical center in central Virginia. With over 550,000 Outpatient Clinic visits and more than 84,000 Emergency Department visits in 2011, VCU Health is on the forefront of health care in the US.


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