Researching ‘Digital Signage-driven’ social media


“Travelling employees are now also updated on new employees starting, awards, quick facts on process changes, event announcements, and organizational changes”
Chuck Ingerman, IT Manager at Saskatchewan Research Council


Reach all employees with internal news and being able to automatically publish the same message on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


Netpresenter software is used to publish internal news on all 300 PC screens (as a screensaver) and on several TV screens. The same system is used to inform visitors via large TV screens.


Staff and visitors can be instantly informed via PC and TV screens; The same software can be used to power social media, such as the SRC Twitter and Facebook accounts; When there is a safety alert, employees impacted by the issue can be instantly alerted. Key stakeholders who may be offsite during the incident can be notified at the same time.

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About Saskatchewan Research Council
Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is Saskatchewan’s leading provider of applied R&D and technology commercialization. SRC was established in 1947 to advance the development of the province in the physical sciences. The corporation has more than 420 employees working in its offices in Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. Annual revenues are approximately $50 million and growing.


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