OGE Energy Corp. reaches 3,200 employees instantly through Screensaver and App


“We have selected Netpresenter to publish news, weather, stock information and power outages on all PC screens throughout the company, With Netpresenter’s screensaver, employees see messages repeatedly, so our internal news is seen and remembered better.”
Gil Broyles, Corporate Communications Manager at OGE Energy Corp.


Making sure all staff members see and remember internal news. Keeping employees in the field in the loop. Instantly alerting staff members in case of an emergency.


Publishing internal news on all employees’ PCs via a corporate screensaver. Gentle repetition of screensaver messages makes sure internal news is seen and remembered. Keeping field workers updated by posting news on the app. Alerting staff members right away in case of an emergency by sending out a targeted push notification.


Effectively inform everyone in- and outside your organization. Draw employees to the intranet with the help of embedded hyperlinks and invite them to read more about certain news items. Alert staff right away in case of an emergency.

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About OGE Energy Corp.
OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE: OGE), headquartered in Oklahoma City, is the parent company of OG&E Electric Services, a regulated electric utility serving approximately 755,000 customers in a service territory spanning 30,000 square miles in Oklahoma and western Arkansas. OGE Energy is also the parent company of Enogex Inc., a natural gas pipeline business with principal operations in Oklahoma. OGE Energy and its subsidiaries have about 3,200 employees.


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