Inform and alert an entire region or country at the push of a button

“Save lives, protect yourself”
Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam


Warn and inform citizens as quickly and accurately as possible in case of an emergency or disaster in the region Rotterdam-Rijnmond.


A so-called Rijnmond Alarm will be issued via SMS text messaging, e-mail, PC pop up screens, Digital Signage and social media such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as via the local TV and radio (RTV Rijnmond) and the well-known emergency siren, in order to alert as many people in as little time as possible.


In addition to alerting, providing information and prevention are an important part of the RijnmondVeilig project. The website (in Dutch) and sometimes additional media will be used to continually keep people informed during and shortly after a disaster takes place, constantly keeping them informed of smaller incidents and sharing prevention tips and information.

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About is a new communications platform that allows the joint emergency services to quickly and effectively alert an entire population or specific communities in case of calamities or in times of crises. The aim is to warn as many people as possible in one go.


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