Getting vital emergency information across to 7,000 people. On ANY screen. (video)

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“In case of an emergency, screensavers and video monitors are automatically taken over, alerting all our team members and giving them instructions on dealing with patients.”
Jeromy Welch, Internal Communications Coordinator at The University of Tennessee Medical Center


Preventing disasters and crises by improving emergency communications to 7,000 employees and making sure everybody at the medical center is up to date on the latest news and procedures.


Interactive Netpresenter screensavers installed on 6,000 PCs and 54 large TV screens, instantly alerting everybody in case of a disaster and highlighting safety procedures and internal news.


  • Integrated disaster prevention and awareness strategy: everybody instantly alerted and instructed;
  • Increased safety awareness;
  • Improved internal communications, employee satisfaction and compliance.

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About UTMC
The University of Tennessee Medical Center is a large comprehensive academic medical center which offers a full range of services. It is a licensed 609 bed facility & has approximately 7,000 ‘team members’ that work directly for the University of Tennessee Medical Center or are closely affiliated with the Medical Center.


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