Employee satisfaction up 33 percent thanks to ‘on screen’ communication

“I don’t know how we would manage an event such as the presidential inauguration, which took place only blocks away from our hospital, without this tool.”
Gretchen Tegethoff, Chief Information Officer/Director of Information Technology, at GWUH


Hospital required a more consistent method of communication to reach all staff with internal news, changes and updates.


Netpresenter selected as centralized method to communicate with all staff, patients and visitors. The latest hospital and healthcare news is now broadcasted on all 1,200 PC work stations and on a dozen big screens in both public and restricted areas.


GWUH greatly benefited from being able to inform, motivate, and alert staff and visitors quickly throughout the hospital. Employee satisfaction with hospital communications increased 33 percent within three months.

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About George Washington University Hospital
The George Washington University Hospital is a multi-disciplinary, tertiary care hospital, offering many diverse services all in one central location. A century-long tradition of providing medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment means peace of mind for the thousands of patients that are cared for by the doctors and nurses at the hospital each year. The hospital has 371 beds, 820 physicians and over 625 nursing staff.


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