Cross media communication no ‘rocket science’ for NATO C3 Agency


“Netpresenter being appreciated as a communication tool shows due to the fact that not just employees send us input for Netpresenter messages, but outsiders as well”
Richard van Nijnatten, Creative media manager at NC3A’s Creative Media Centre


Improving internal communication and, by using both traditional and new media, inform employees in a pleasant and structured manor.


An effective internal communication mix in which SharePoint plays a central role. Many of the messages published in SharePoint are also published on various large TV screens in the building (dynamic Digital Signage). The information published is not the same for each location; there are screens aimed at employees and visitors.


  • Quick implementation: just one month from go-ahead to launch;
  • Use of a mix of traditional and new media so that employees are approached using the media that suites them;
  • This new way of communication is highly appreciated by employees. This is demonstrated by the amount of messages employees

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About NATO C3 Agency
The NC3A is a NATO agency that is engaged in C4ISR technologies (Communication, Command, Control, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance). The agency supplies cutting-edge technologies to NATO organisations and NATO and PfP (Partnership for Peace) members. NC3A has over 850 employees, headquarters in The Hague and Brussels and various offices in Norfolk, USA (ACT), Mons (SHAPE), Stavanger, Kabul and Kandahar.


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