UOB broadcasts HD quality video on ATMs via 3G

United Overseas Bank (UOB) in Singapore is the first bank worldwide to use HD quality ‘ATM Digital Signage’ to communicate with customers and passers-by. Netpresenter software is used to display broadcast quality videos, photo’s and news on the screens of 200+ Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) throughout Singapore. Bringing UOB’s financial services to the attention of millions of visitors of shopping malls, subway stations, bus terminals, etc.

A whole new medium to reach customers

The screens at the ATMs (above the teller machines as well as the ATM screens itself) display multimedia video, clips and photo’s – for example information on fixed deposit rates, saving rates, travel insurance plans, home financing, car financing, asset management, travel services and plans, credit card offers, discounts to restaurants and shopping, etc. Not all screens display the same information. “Depending of the location of the ATM, the information is targeted at different types of customers: from general public in shopping malls to investment customers in the financial district,” explained SJ Ngiam from Evantek, the system integrator involved. He continued: “UOB is the first bank worldwide to implement this highly innovative solution. Giving it access to a whole new medium to bring its financial services and general financial information to the attention of its customers. And what is more: people do not only see the information of the screens, but remember and act on it.” 

Using 3G to stream high quality videos to ATMs

Cost and connectivity were key decision making factors in this project. The screens at the ATMs (above the sion making factors in this project. Leased lines to every ATM machine turned out to be extremely costly and would have taken a long time to implement. Using a 3G connection proved to be the way forward: only 10 percent of the cost of leased lines and very easy and fast to deploy. “Netpresenter software is used to display the content because it’s compact, extremely reliable, low bandwidth, yet powerful enough to comfortably run HD quality video, even on an ATM machine,” said Ngiam. “Video’s are streamed into the ATM machines at night using a 3G connection. For those instances when the wireless connection is down or limited, Netpresenter has an auto-resume feature. This means that if the connection is lost, the video that was being downloaded does not have to be downloaded from start to finish again. Instead, it starts downloading the video material that was not yet downloaded,” he continued.

“UOB is the first bank to implement this innovative solution”

Netpresenter will continue to run – regardless

“Another safety feature in the Netpresenter software is that the presentation will continue to run – regardless of whether there is a connection or not. However, because a connection is needed to update the presentation, any lost connection is reset immediately,” Ngiam explained.

An excellent example of just how fruitful pioneering can be 

“The current solution works very well – even on an ATM we placed in the middle of the F1 race circuit! However, we are pioneering on. For example by adding more connectivity options such as satellite,” said Ngiam. “With this system, UOB definitely sets the stage. Not just for the banking sector, but also for other industries. Kiosks, previously considered not powerful enough for video, can now be used to reach customers and passers-by, whether it is food & beverage machines or gas station kiosks. And by using the location of the kiosk as a parameter, presentations can be tailored to the public,” says Frank Hoen, CEO Netpresenter. “UOB’s “ATM Digital Signage” is an excellent example of just how fruitful pioneering can be,” concluded Ngiam.

About the UOB Bank

United Overseas Bank (UOB) founded in 1935, is a leading bank in Asia with major banking subsidiaries in the Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. Today, the UOB Group has a network of over 500 offices in 18 countries en territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America.