Netpresenter introduced Intranet to RWG

“Intranet more popular than ever thanks to Netpresenter”

250 Employees work 24/7 to process 2.35 million containers every year at the Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), the world’s most automated and innovative container terminal. RWG uses Netpresenter to provide office staff and operational staff in the port of Rotterdam with the latest intranet news items around the clock. “The intranet is now more popular than ever”, says Niels Dekker, Public Affairs & Communication Manager at RWG.

“The main communication channel at RWG is RWGnet, that’s the name of our intranet”, Dekker explains. “This enables us to reach the group of employees who have their own computer or laptop. However, we also have a large group of employees who don’t have their own workspace, such as our remote operators. “So, how do you effectively reach these people?”, we wondered.”


“We have large screens hanging in both our office buildings and the terminal. We wanted to stream the intranet on those screens in order to inform our non-desk workers. But that turned out not to be as simple as we had imagined. Luckily, now we have Netpresenter to act as a sort of intermediary to automatically display a condensed version of our intranet on these screens.”


“Therefore, we also use the Netpresenter screensaver to bring the intranet to the attention of our office staff. Intranet news items are displayed automatically when the screensaver pops up on their computers. If they want to know more, they can simply click on the item and they are redirected to the full news item on the intranet. Not everyone is always using RWGnet to read the latest news. Netpresenter is an extra way to share this information with our staff and encourage them to make use of the intranet.”


“Since we start using Netpresenter, the popularity of and traffic to our intranet has increased considerably. This was measured. Intranet messages are really better read. Therefore, Netpresenter definitely contributed to improving our internal communications”, concludes Dekker.

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